How It's Made

The creative process is one filled with sunlight, joy, and you guessed it...lots of COLOR!  Be it a new mural in Washington DC, a vacation, or the latest fashion, color inspiration can strike anywhere. 

I check out Pantone’s® seasonal color report to see what’s hitting the runways in New York, Paris, and London. But, since I don’t let trends box me in, I also flip through all the glossy magazines I can get my hands on.

However, my best color research happens when I’m outside and seeing color in its natural habitat. For example, my favorite source of inspiration is art murals. And, thankfully, we have no shortage of them in Washington D.C.

Where the Magic Happens

The kitchen is where the color creation process takes place.  I mean, if I can't cook dinner, at least I can create a new color.  I work best while listening to a podcast or music.  With the sun streaming in the window, I unleash my color creating ninja.  Elbow deep in a rainbow of chalks and pastels and paints, I mix, blend and mix some more until that moment when my eyelid twitches signaling a new color is born. Be it on a canvas or in a notebook, once a new color is created, it is mixed into resin and turned into beautiful jewelry.

Kate and Moose Creation Process with Resin

Photo by Laura Quintero Photography

Kate and Moose Creation Process of Chalk into Resin

Photo by Laura Quintero Photography

When creating with chalks, pastels, or paints, each color is hand mixed until just the riht shade develops.  The same can be said of glitter.  Mixing multiple colors of glitter together can create a truly unique and one of a kind color. 

Kate and Moose chalk in resin Kate and Moose glitter

And not all colors are created equally.  Sometimes colors just happen, a happy accident.  And sometimes, the color doesn't come together.  

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