The Story

No matter how many times you ‘snooze’ the alarm, how many days since you’ve washed your hair, or even that you’re wearing the same yoga pants for the third day in a row, Kate & Moose jewelry has you out the door looking put together (even if you don’t feel it).

I mean, who has time to look perfectly polished every morning? 

Between the dog jumping on you saying “take me outside, Mom” and kids oversleeping their alarms and throwing permission slips at you as they jump out of the car, time in the morning is not on your side. 

Remove the fuss of getting yourself together in the morning by grabbing a pair of Kate & Moose stud earrings from the dish on your credenza before grabbing your keys. 

Kate & Moose is for women who want to look stylish without the fuss, and without having to dedicate too much energy in deciding what to wear.  Getting out the door is already tough, but looking pulled together, just got one step easier.  

Kate & Moose is a colorful, minimalist jewelry line aimed at simplifying your everyday routine. 

A life without color is lame, dare I say boring. Who wants to live that way? Not me. And neither should you.


The Jeweler & Her Assistant 

Kate, the jeweler and Chief Colorist here at Kate and Moose

Kate Amarelo hit the big leagues with her first office job--the only problem was that her wardrobe (and budget) didn’t quite match her new role yet. She wanted to look like she belonged (because she totally does!), but spending money on a new wardrobe just wasn’t in the cards.

So she decided to create her own jewelry line and solve her style problems. Kate & Moose’s colorful, everyday statement earrings were an instant hit, and Kate knew she was onto something good. Our customers love to look and feel put together, but they don’t have the luxury of time to make that happen (because those kids and dogs aren’t going to feed themselves!). Putting on a pair of our studs gets them out the door in the nick of time, with style on their side.

So, who is Moose? He's only the best assistant in the whole wide world. And yeah, I'm pretty biased! Moose is my forever puppy and reason to rise in the morning - partly because he's always licking my face to say get movin'. He is also quite the helper. His official title is Chief Decision Maker.

When I get stuck and can't make a decision, Moose always has the answer. Moose, is it a chardonnay or merlot kind of night? Should we go running or stay inside and snuggle? Yes, life-changing decisions!Fun fact: he hates water. he hates streams, rivers, oceans, but if I ask him if he wants a bath, he'll run to the bathroom and jump in the tub.

Moose, the shop dog and helpful assistant at Kate and Moose

Learn more about the inspiration and 'how it's made' by checking out this blog post.


Famous Coco Chanel Quote - The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.

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