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The Story

Dash for the door and hope you get to work on time.  

Ensure lunches are in the kids backpacks as you hurry them outside to the bus. 

However you start your day, hectic and rushed or peacefully in prayer, your outfit isn't complete without accessories. Grab a pair of Kate & Moose earrings on your way out of the door and you'll never leave your house wondering if you forgot something.  

A life without color is LAME, dare I say - BORING! Who wants to live that way? Not me and neither should you.

The Inspiration

Inspiration comes from nearly everything.  The smallest observation during Kate's day can inspire a full collection.  For the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the color of green of foam from the waves crashing against the beach in Newport, RI inspired the seafoam green.  Walking the aisles at the farmers market inspired the eggplant purple color.  Yes, even a vegetable can inspire a color.  A weekend walk with Moose last winter through the pine trees inspired the season's top seller, pine tree green.   

Kate & Moose jewelry is minimalist in design, but BOLD in color.  All jewelry serves the purpose of helping you quickly accessorize your outfit and get on with your day.  Hand-crafted in small batches, you'll never walk into a dinner party and have someone wearing your earrings.  

Earrings can add a pop of color.  
Earrings can add personality.   
Earrings are your final touch.

"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." - Coco Chanel

The Hands & The Help
And where does this name come from?  Well, I'm Kate and my assistant is Moose.  He's the best assistant in the whole.wide.world.  Moose is the most adorable rescue dog, my forever puppy, and my reason to get up in the morning - partly because he's always licking my face to tell me to get movin'. He is also quite the helper.  When I can't make a decision, I always ask him first - chardonnay or merlot?  Yoga or running?  Black or gray?  Yes, life changing decisions, I know!

Moose, the shop dog at Kate and Moose

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