What Your Favorite Color to Wear Says About You

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Recently, I talked about my favorite color orange. I love to wear it, decorate with it, and I love to have the color around me in the essentials I use every day - aka my desk accessories. 

And now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite color

Don't have a favorite color? Or do you suffer from what I call, "I-Love-Every-Color-In-The-Rainbow-itis"?  🌈 

The fastest way to find your favorite color to wear is to throw open your closet doors and look for what color you see the most. If you're like most ladies, you'll probably see classic or neutral colors the most.

Have you ever pondered what those colors say about your personality?  Today, I'm shaking my magic 8 ball from the 90's and it's telling me all about what your favorite clothing color says about you!


What Your Favorite Color to Wear Says About You

Favorite Color: Black

Personality: You Are A Badass
Favorite City to Shop: New York City 

You’re strong, sophisticated, and confident. When you walk into a room, people take notice. 😮 You know what you want, and, girl, you look good getting it. You are not an open book, but your friends love that about you. They can trust you with all their ish because they know you’ll stay mum. 

Favorite Color: White

Personality: So Fresh, So Clean
Favorite City to Shop: Risor, Norway

Meticulous, organized, sharp. You don’t do clutter - minimalism is your middle name. You are a student of life, always open to learning new things. You work hard to inspire others to do better. Considered a quiet person by nature, you are an underrated warrior; fiercely protective of the people closest to you. You never leave the house looking less than immaculate, but you aren’t afraid to get down and dirty.   

Favorite Color: Nude

Personality: Free-Spirit
Favorite City to Shop: 
São Paulo, Brazil

Like a glass of Chardonnay, you go along with everything and everyone. And like your yoga practice, you are cool, calm and collected. Low-maintenance, a bit shy, and endearing sweetness are your calling cardBut a wallflower, you are not. You bring happiness everywhere you go.

Favorite Color: Greige

Personality: Ride or Die
Favorite City to Shop:

You’re a perfect mix of cool and warm. A homebody by nature, you love Netflix and chillin', but every time a member of your girl squad sends out group text asking for a plus one, your the first to respond! People love your unwavering loyalty, approachability, and social graces. You'll never be the party-fouler, but you damn well won’t be the party pooper either.

Favorite Color: Cognac

Personality: Only the Finest, Ma'am
Favorite City to Shop: Paris, France

Graceful and classy - that's how your friends describe you. Often mistaken for a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, you are the life of the party. You love to surround yourself with people - your Rolodex is the envy of many. But, when the going gets tough, you turn to one or two of your best, best, best friends for support. Knowing everybody ain't everything.

Classic Color Lovers Share a Common Trait

Ladies who love classic colors all share one common trait - great taste! Most of the outfits in your closet easily transition from day-to-night. While you have your basic suiting essentials covered, consider picking up a few accessories to keep your wardrobe updated yet classic. 

So what's your favorite color to wear? Tell me about yourself in the comments below.

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