4 Ways to Bring Color into Your Neutral, Contemporary Home

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Bringing color into your contemporary, neutral home can be tricky. Where do you add it? In the drapes or the pillows? What about both? Is that too extra?

Not to mention, there are a plethora of color palettes to choose from on Pinterest. What if you get tired of blues and greens? Do Pantone’s fall color trends mean you’ll need another home makeover in the winter? Is orange really the new black?

Questions like these can paralyze you from making a decision and adding some gosh-darn vibrancy into your home.

But don’t let FOACTYH (fear of adding color to your home; pronunciation unknown) stop you!

Four Ways to Bring Color Into Your Neutral Contemporary Home

Bringing color into any space can be a breeze. And while I’m no interior designer, I
am an expert in adding pizzazz to neutral palettes. I mean, have you even seen my shop? #winningatcolor

For example, my sofa and the living room rug are blue and off-white (yeah...didn't really consider dirty dog paws. I just wanted something new. Oops!)

So, my accent colors come in through art, textured throws, and pillows (made from old sweaters and random leftover quilting fabric).

But the #1 rule I follow is to choose colors and accents that make me HAPPY! Below are a few more pointers on how to get started!

Curl Up in a Colorful Throw

Adding a colorful throw on your couch is a non-permanent way to bring interest to your room. For example, these throws on West Elm are softer than Moose’s fur. They come in a mustard yellow, a bold orange, and a gorgeous blue teak -- perfect for the fall!

As of this post, they’re on sale for $29! So, if your tastes change later, you can swap it out guilt-free.

Visit Your Local Antique Shop

I love popping into antique shops for decor that’ll add color and character to my home. Right now, I have a vintage cash register toy and a handmade wooden box in my living area.

vintage cash register from EBay


But antique shops can sometimes feel overwhelming. To find items that’ll match your chosen palette and happiness level, start by scanning the room for the color(s) you want.

Collect all the things! Then find a spot on the floor (or an empty table) to spread out your picks. Move the pieces around to see which items complement each other or what seems to catch your eye the most. Don’t overthink it! Then treat yoself!

Toss Some Bright Hues in Your Pillows

TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, CB2, and Company C are some of my favorite places to shop for affordable, bright decor, especially pillows.

Personally, I love adding orange because it’s bright, happy, and amplifies all the other colors in the room. For example, I’m really digging this pillow from TJ Maxx. The mix of yellow and orange makes it easy to change things up in the future. And the neutral tones would compliment any beige, white, black, or grey couch.

Support Your Local Artists

But my be-all, end-all way to add color? Art!

If I don’t want to leave the house, I check out Etsy for handmade, original artwork. Otherwise, I head to local craft fairs and support the artists in my town.

You can use bright artwork as the focal point for each room. Your rug, furniture, and drapes can remain oh-so neutral, soft, and cozy. This leaves your guests’ eyes to be drawn to the one-of-a-kind pieces that deserve extra appreciation.

Looking for some color inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite things:

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