Four Unexpected 2017-18 Winter Color Trends You'll Dye For

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A lot of unexpected things happened in 2017.  😒

There were moments of frustration, shock, and total devastation. 

But 2017 also showed us compassion, joy, and sweet sweet victory

Given all that was 2017, it should be no surprise that it would close out with some unexpected winter color trends. 

The unique combinations elevate a season that’s typically blah with white (hopefully) snow. In fact, Pantone’s Fashion color report has made several appearances in my shop this season; here, here, and here.

And, yes, I know. The winter season is already underway. Aren’t we already on the up-and-up with these trends?!

Maybe. While you may know what InStyle and Marie Claire say winter 2017-18 is all about, here at Kate & Moose, we have our own unexpected take on winter color combinations.


four unexpected 2017-18 winter color trends you'll dye for

Navy Blue with Rose Gold

Sophistication. Warmth. Glamourous. Two colors that transfer seamlessly from day time office wear to happy hour cocktails. 

Navy Blue Sweater Blazer with Rose Gold Dangle Earrings

Shaded Spruce with Gold

With the crunch of snow under your feet, the smell of forest trees, and the warmth of  hand warmers in your gloves (it is snowing after all), enjoy the coziness of winter walks outdoors with the radiance and warm glow of gold stud earrings.  

Shaded Spruce Sweater with Gold Stud Earrings

Coral Orange with Merlot Purple

Untraditional color combinations are as second nature to me as black and white may be to you.  Winter color trends don't have to stick to 'traditional' winter colors.  Make it unexpected by popping in a traditional spring color like coral orange.  Pairing this striking coral orange sweater with this deep and the muted merlot purple studs creates a unique combination that is both bold and modern.  

Coral with Merlot Teardrop Studs

Golden Lime with Sapphire Blue
I don’t let the winter blues dampen my desire to stand out, be colorful, or be me. That’s why I adore this color combination of in-your-face golden lime green with a more subdued, but equally bold sapphire blue. And because confetti is kinda my jam, I rounded out these winter accessories with eggplant purple woven knit gloves and a hot pink wool cashmere blend scarf.  Bring it winter!

Lime Green Pom Pom Hat and Sapphire Blue Teardrop Stud Earrings

Hopefully, you’re excited to shake up your color game and consider these unexpected color combinations this winter season! Whether you rock rose gold or opt with sapphire blue, it’s safe to say that Christmas red and green is a combination of the past.

Show me your favorite winter color trend in the comments below. Post a picture of the palette in the comments!


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