Transition from Work to Happy Hour: 6 Items to Keep in Your Car

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You suffered through an infuriatingly long commute. You’ve put in the grueling work hours. And you smiled through gritted teeth at every annoying customer or coworker. So, yeah, you deserve a cocktail...or two.

But, like the #girlboss you are, you probably don’t have much time between clock out and last call to score that Happy Hour deal. But, you also don’t want to show up at the bar looking like a square.

So, in my true minimalist form, I’ve created a list of only the most essential tools you need to transition your look from day to night. You can even keep these bad boys in your car, purse, or desk, so you’re prepared for last-minute invites.

Transition from Work to Happy Hour - 6 Items to Keep in Your Car

Transition from Work to Happy Hour by Keeping These Close By

Brush, Ponytail, and Bobby Pins

By the end of a long day, your hair may be feeling like a tangled, lifeless mess. Pulling your locks up into a sleek top knot can create a clean look without requiring much effort (other than a quick stop at the bathroom). Brush through your hair, twist into a tight knot, and secure any fly-aways with bobby pins. I also love keeping a travel-sized can of hairspray in my desk for cases just like this.

Bold Lipstick and Sultry Eyeliner

A bold lip is a surefire way to trade out your conservative office look for something more va-va-voom. I love a classic red because it matches pretty much everything. And if you know how to do a cat eye, you can also keep eyeliner on hand to freshen up your eye makeup. If not, people swear by this Eyeliner Stamp on Amazon. You line up the stamp on your eye to create the perfect wing every time.

Colorful Jewelry

It’s no secret I believe in the power of bold, colorful accessories for giving yourself a boost in confidence and style. In the office, you may stick to more neutral, conservative pieces but now that you’re free from the cubicle, you can amp up your look with a statement piece...or two. Shameless plug: Kate and Moose’s everyday jewelry is perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit, quickly and effortlessly.

Edgy Outerwear

Leave the cardigan where it belongs -- in your freezing, cold office. Happy Hour calls for something with more personality. Like a moto jacket, chambray shirt, or chic blazer. Keep one in your car to evoke a daring look and I-have-no-more-fucks-to-give-attitude. ‘Cause we all know at this point of the day, you don’t.

Printed Clutch

Much like jewelry, a leopard print clutch or glitzy gold purse can turn a LBD from boardroom-appropo to hot mama. So, ditch the large handbag that’s been hiding your snacks and sorrows and downsize to something that just holds the night’s essentials. And hopefully your dignity, let’s try to keep that -- it’s only Wednesday, yo.

Pair of Pumps

The final touch to transition from work to happy hour is swapping out your practical flats for something that’ll lift your spirits and height. Pumps emphasize and elongate your legs while making that click-click-click sound that turns heads.

You’ve got what it takes, now go make it happen, girlfriend! Transitioning from work to happy hour really is as simple as keeping an arsenal of bobby pins, lipstick, and accessories in your car or desk. If you rock any Kate and Moose jewelry while you’re out on the town, make sure to tag us (@KateandMoose) on Instagram!

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