Stackable Silver Rings: How to Wear and Why You’ll Love Them

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Rings represent a lot of things. Commitment. Personality. A phone call from someone who whispers “seven days” in a really creepy voice. But, stackable silver rings mean something different. They’re all about effortless style.

I mean, between second-day hair, quick makeup, dog walking, and long commutes, styling your outfit with jewelry probably falls at the bottom of your to-do list. Ya know, so far down there that the box has given up all hope of being checked. Am I rite?

That’s why I LOVE stackable silver rings. They’re easy-to-grab, coordinate with everything, and can hang with me through it all, from afternoon meetings to drinks with friends.

And they also save me time in the morning. I can sleep a few minutes longer knowing the stackable set I tossed in my jewelry dish the night before will coordinate with whatever outfit I put together.

How to Wear Stackable Silver Rings

I can hear you saying…

But, Kate, I’m trying to reduce how much I own.

I get it, person-reading-this-really-great-blog-post.

Everything you own needs to add value to your life -- and take up very little space. But, hear me out, these little guys will bring color and joy to your wardrobe. They’re a phenomenal way to slowly add more pop to your outfits (if you tend to lean towards a conservative, neutral wardrobe). And they’re compact.

Follow my tips on styling stackable silver rings, and you’ll be good to go, girl!


At Kate and Moose, we look to our classic stacking rings to save time in the mornings while also adding interest to our outfits.

Here’s why:

Our rings are hand-colored with resin

Each ring has a mix of colorants to create a color as vibrant as YOU. I often pull inspiration from murals along the streets of Washington, D.C., nature, and Pantone’s colors of the year. But, sometimes when I’m jamming to my favorite music, the lyrics inspire an unexpected hue!

brightly colored chalks shaved off into resin to create Kate and Moose colors

They’re sterling silver for that long-lasting shine, girl

Nothing is worse than falling in love with a piece of jewelry only to have it break or lose its luster after a few wears. I use sterling silver for long-lasting shine and superior durability.  It's also easy to maintain - the more you wear sterling silver, the longer it stays beautiful.

multi colored resin and sterling silver stacking rings by Kate and Moose on a model

And, of course, we always make them with love

Wait, what? Yup! Every piece of jewelry is made with love. And a strong desire for you to know that you are enough.


The stackable rings trend isn’t going anywhere. Even the boujiest dress has met its match. Dress them up, dress them down -- the sterling silver band makes them understated and classic.

The key to enhancing any outfit is stacking coordinating colors instead of going all matchy-matchy. I love mixing neutrals (like grey, nude, and white) with one pop of color, like in my Classic Colors Stacking Ring Set.

I cover more stackable ring tips in my blog post, Stacking Rings 101. Make sure to check that one out for quick ideas.


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