Ring Dishes Perfect for Your Minimalist Jewelry Collection

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There are two kinds of people in the world:

  • The ones who take off their makeup and brush their teeth even when they’re schwasty-face.
  • And everyone else. Because we’re normal and passing out on the floor is totally acceptable...even when you’re 30. In fact, especially when you’re 30,  because our bodies can’t hang like they used to. Trust.

If you’re in the first group, I’m pretty sure you have special superpowers, and we should talk. But, if you’re in the second group, these cute earring dishes will be life-changing.

Ring Dishes Perfect for Your Minimalist Jewelry Collection

Even when you can’t peel the contacts out of your eyes, you can pull out your 
stud earrings, drop them into the dish on your nightstand, and rest easy knowing you won’t have that annoying poking thing going on behind your ear.

Also, you won’t lose your favorite silver stacking rings, which is really the most important reason to get a jewelry dish. I think you’ll love these cute ring dishes just as much as I do!

Earring Dish for Your Nightstand by Land Bird Ceramic

A teal earring dish that’ll look lovely on your nightstand

These earrings dishes were born when functional swiped right on beautiful. Handmade by Nancy Froehlich of Land Bird Ceramic, I loved these stackable dishes so much that I now sell them! So, yeah, you can get my minimalist earrings and organize them too.

Tidal Wave Art Jewelry Container by Bits of Silver

A celestial earring dish, so the galaxy doesn’t feel so far, far away

This tidal wave dish is made from polymer clay and many shades of blue and oh so perfect if you want to own some original art while storing your jewelry.  Bits of Silver also sells a dish that looks like a midnight moon.

Mermaid Tail Ring Dish by Modern Mud

A fishy scale design because it puts you one fin closer to being a mermaid

Have you ever seen something so wonderful in your entire life? From the waters of Cape Cod, MA, this jewelry holder has pearl feet on the bottom. And for a personal touch, you can have it monogrammed or painted in any color of your choice. Either way, each shell is one-of-a-kind and naturally imperfect.

Gold Splattered Modern Art Ring Dish by CiaraJCo

A pink and gold speckle dish for all the things that sparkle

If you love glitter, confetti, and cupcakes, this colorful polymer clay dish will be perfect for holding anything you deem worthy. Like bobby pins, paper clips, or stackable rings.

Turquoise Paw Ring Dish by MarieKennedyPottery

A paw print dish, so you never forget your furbaby...or rings

Nothing is certain except for dogs and jewelry. - Benjamin Franklin. Each piece is handcrafted from white stoneware clay, stamped with a paw print, and finished with a turquoise glaze.

Cactus Ring Dish, Daisy Ring Holder, and Plant Ceramic Jewelry Dish by Quiet Clementine

A botanical jewelry holder because you can’t keep your real plants alive

Let’s be honest. Your thumbs were meant to be adorned with rings not green. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little garden on your nightstand. Toss your jewelry into these colorful dishes before going to bed -- no watering required!

Personalised ring dish by PeonyLondon

A personalized ring dish for anyone who loves a gorgeous script

Classic. Minimalist. And all yours, love. This white porcelain dish is handwritten with the name of your choice, and the simple design is perfect for letting all your colorful, fun jewelry take center stage.

Black Cat with 22k Gold Star Mini 3" Ceramic Dish by Vumbaca White Ceramic

And if you think differently, we can’t be friends. This ceramic clay dish goes through 3 overnight kiln firings and is truly a labor of love. The star is made with 22K while the cat’s fur is black as black.

Which cute earring dish do you love the most?

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