Redefining Minimalism: How to Create a Colorful Minimalist Jewelry Collection

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What do you think about when you hear capsule wardrobe? Or minimalism?

Most people get visions of black, white, and blah dancing in their head. But minimalism and neutral aren’t tied together (unless you want them to be, and then I have no idea why you’re reading this ‘cause clearly this blog post is about COLOR, yo).

Minimalism can be colorful! My version of minimalism is vibrant and only contains essential and simple pieces. In other words, pops of color in all of my spaces to make my brain (and my heart) happy. And who doesn't want to be happy and smile every day?

You can establish your own version of a minimalist lifestyle to be whatever works best for you. My definition of a minimalist lifestyle: owning fewer things of higher quality in colors that make me smile. That's also the ethos behind Kate & Moose - high-quality jewelry pieces in colors to make you smile.

You’re probably attracted to the idea of a capsule wardrobe because you can’t stand spending what little time you have in the morning deciding what to wear and how to accessorize. You’re also probably running out of space in your closet and not entirely sure why you have a basic tee in all colors of the rainbow. Same.

Redefining Minimalism: How to Create a Colorful Minimalist Jewelry Collection

Colorful Capsule Wardrobes Do Exist

Well, here’s some hope for can declutter your closet, build a capsule wardrobe, and still wear clothes that scream, “I AM FUN, BRIGHT, AND PROUD!” #pridemonth

The key is narrowing down your wardrobe to only your favorite, well-fitting, nice quality neutral pieces. For example, your staples might include black dress pants, a pair of dark blue jeans, a white blouse, and navy blue skirt. Then, you add small pops of colors that are consistent from season to season (and hues that you won’t get tired of wearing).

If you do this, it’s not noticeable you’re wearing the same thing every day! Everyone’s eyes will be on your apple red belt or mint dangles.

In this post, I’ve picked three of my favorite spring colors that add vibrancy, balance, and feminism to any wardrobe. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to choose these exact hues when building your colorful capsule wardrobe. This post is just to spark some inspiration and give you some guidance on how it’s done.

Poppy Red

LOVE IT: Poppy red doesn’t play favorites when it comes to seasons -- winter, spring, summer, fall -- you can wear it anytime, girlfriend. This color brings vibrancy, warmth, and merriness to your wardrobe, without requiring you to run out and buy some pieces to coordinate with it. Pairing perfectly with any neutral, like black, white, nude, and navy, you’ve already got everything you need to wear it effortlessly. 

STYLE IT: This whimsy red goes great with your favorite denim jacket, beige knit cardigan, or black dress pants. I also love mixing it with black and white stripes or polka dots for a little playfulness. You can transition your look from day to night by switching your black ankle boots for strappy nude heels. 

FIND IT:  Poppy Red Marquis Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
poppy red resin marquis sterling silver drop earrings by Kate and Moose

Palm Green

LOVE IT: Fresh, grounded, calm, and balanced -- this color may bring Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain to mind, but don’t hesitate to wear this tropical hue even when you’re stuck in D.C. traffic. It pairs well with white, cream shades, and black. If you want to soften up the look, you can match it with soft pinks or blues. But, stay away from shades of red if you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. 

STYLE IT: Khaki and denim work great with this color. But a black blazer will add a level of sophistication to any work outfit. A brown leather handbag or ankle boots can add warm contrast. And just like poppy red, you can wear polka dots and stripes with this hue -- and you thought you couldn’t keep patterns in your capsule wardrobe?  

FIND IT: Palm Green Vertical Bar Necklace

Palest Pink

LOVE IT: The quiet, sweet cousin of poppy red and palm green, palest pink is for all the darlings of the world. There’s not an event, meeting, or presentation where palest pink isn’t the right color. If you want to keep your look cool, pair it with all the whites and creams in your capsule wardrobe. But, palest pink makes its statement when set against black, grey, or navy.

STYLE IT: Toss on a pair of white sneakers, some light denim jeans, and a black and white polka dot shirt (see what I’m doing here?) for a casual look that’s polished and personalized. If you’re going to work, palest pink can add a feminine touch to your black pencil skirt and white button-up.  

FIND IT: Palest Pink Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Palest pink resin filled sterling silver drop earrings with hammered sterling silver posts by Kate and Moose

I’m sure by now you can see how a neutral, minimalist wardrobe can go from blah to fun with just a few colorful accessories! Of the three hues, which one is your favorite?  Or is there another color you’d love to add to your capsule wardrobe?

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