Redefining Minimalism - 4 Steps to a Happier You

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If you read my last post (if not, shame...shame...shame), you know I have a new blog series called, Boost Your ‘Tude.  It’s about redefining minimalism and using color to be happier, more confident, and less rushed in the morning.

What is minimalism?  My definition is the art of ridding your life of excess, so you can focus on things that are most important to you, such as family, work, or travel.

But more importantly is what minimalism isn't.  It doesn't mean cleaning out your house and getting rid of everything.  It isn't about making your life harder.  And it doesn't mean you never shop again or become a cheap person.  

And minimalism in the Kate & Moose world is 100% colorful.  Minimalism is not stark white everything and Scandinavian-esque living.  - Click to Tweet

How am I redefining minimalism?

Simple.  Instead of decluttering to live a stark white, pristine minimalist life that requires daily maintenance, I believe in decluttering to create more happiness.  

I recommend you picking one day and tackling one space at a time.  Start small so you feel a level of success when you finish one space.  Be it you coat closet, your kitchen cupboards, or your shoes, every space in your house deserves dedicated time.  

So let's get started.


Redefining Minimalism - Four Steps to a Happier You


It’s time to purge your wardrobe of any items that don’t bring you joy!  And add in new pieces that illuminate your day and lift your spirits.

Plus, when your closet is only filled with items you love, it’s easier to get dressed, get out the door, and get to where you're going.

Here are my four steps to creating a closet that brings you joy (and more time to sleep).

Tackle Your Closet in Categories

Remove everything from your closet and organize it by categories.  For example, you could create separate piles for pants, sweaters, skirts and dresses, and blouses.  

Extra credit for extending this clean out session to your jewelry and accessories.  Gather together all of your jewelry and accessories.  If you're like me, you might have more than one place you store your jewelry.  Bring everything together and separate into category of jewelry; all brooches in one spot, all earrings in another, and so on.

Give a Fond Farewell to Joyless Items

Hold up each item.  Take a long hard look. 

Ask out loud, “Does this bring me joy?”

If your looking for help in determining if it brings you joy, ask yourself these questions:

- How does the item make you feel when you wear it?  Sexy, comfortable, or self-conscious?
- Is there a memory associated with the item?  Is it a good memory or a bad memory?
- How often do you wear it?  Once a month or you can't remember, it has been so long?

Pay ZERO attention to whether or not yellow, fringe, or lace is in style.  If it makes you happy, then it’s in style!  Move to the keep pile.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, thank the item for its service, and toss it in the donation pile. 

Fall in Love with Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve eliminated the joyless pieces, organize your closet.

It sounds out there, but Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, says to respect your items and consider their feelings.

Are your undies tossed in a drawer all willy-nilly?  Do your t-shirts appreciate second-rate accommodations on your bottom shelf?

Find a new place to display all the things!  When you can see all that you own, it will take less time to get dressed in the morning.  Less time picking a wardrobe means more time to sleep.  #winning

Rediscover Color and Collect Happy Things

Moving forward, only add items to your wardrobe that you LOVE.  Pick colors that make you smile.

You don’t need to research what hues go together.  Or which ones are approved by Pantone.  Or what every celebrity is wearing.

Did last night’s sunset make you feel nostalgic and serene?  Wear purple and orange!

Do thunderstorms remind of you curling up on a couch?  Wear shades of grey and black.

Have a neutral wardrobe?  Add small pops of color to your outfit with colorful jewelry. Like these stackable rings or bracelets.

I love keeping it super simple in the mornings.  Maybe I’ll grab a single ring.  Or wear five!  Sometimes, I wear a statement stack that proudly showcases my fun side.

It’s about what YOU want.  And what makes YOU happy.

Just remember, you don’t need a slim wardrobe to live a minimalist life.  Eliminate items in your home that don’t bring you joy.  Don’t be afraid to add color -- even in small pops.

Express yourself.

Stay tuned for the Part 3 of our Boost Your ‘Tude series.  I’ll tell you how to create Pinterest Boards you can use to speed up your morning routine!


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