How to Use Pinterest Boards to Create Outfits with Clothes You Own

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Even after a closet clean-up, I can still feel lost in my closet. Picking outfits that I haven't worn recently and trying to dress professionally but with personality can be a struggle.

And since I prefer a few extra minutes of sleep, I had to find an answer to what I ask myself every morning when I walk into my closet -- what will I wear today? 

The solution is Pinterest. Yeah, you know the site. Where all the delicious brownie and cookie recipes live.

Pinterest cuts my getting-ready time in half (who doesn’t want that?) and sparks my creativity for how to pick a different outfit each day (without buying new clothes)!

If you’ve been following my Boost Your ‘Tude series, your closet is ready for this next step. If not, save this post, read this one first, and come back (seriously, come back -- don’t leave me here alone).

Here’s how to use Pinterest to create outfits with clothes you own.

how to use pinterest boards to create outfits with clothes you own

Create two boards -- one for inspiration and one for creation

First, create two style boards on your Pinterest profile; one board to store everything you love that could inspire new outfits.

And a second board to store only outfits that reflect items you already own, like an off-the-shoulder sweater or knee-high boots.

Keep the two separate. When you’re rushed in the morning, you don’t need to be overwhelmed with ideas you aren’t able to execute at the moment.

Edit and adapt the outfits

Don’t worry about copying the outfit exactly. You can substitute pieces with something you own that’s similar.

For example, let’s say you want to recreate this outfit.

But, you don’t own a blue blazer or statement necklace. How you make it work is to consider the structure of the outfit.

Grab your black blazer, a pair of slacks (any color!), a white button down blouse, and any necklace that makes you smile. Pair it with some cute boots, and out the door you go, sista!

While you’re on your commute, you can edit the description of the outfit on your board. Include notes about how you adapted the look -- that way; you remember what you used in the future.

If you want to take it one step further, take a selfie before you run out the door and save the photo in a Dropbox folder for easy future reference.

Kickstart your inspiration

If this article got you to join Pinterest or use the platform in a new way, you may be wanting to kickstart some outfit ideas for your inspiration board. Take a minute to check out my boards where you can find ideas including:


Colorful Weekend Style


How to Wear Jewel Tones

Create a shopping list for future wardrobe changes

Finally, create a shopping list. I love using Wunderlist. Anytime you see an outfit on your creation or inspiration board that has an item you don’t own (but want), add it to your shopping list!

Include a link to the image in the notes section. When you’re out shopping, you can see which items your closet would love to welcome home!

Creating better work outfits that feel like you and make you smile can be easy. All you need is a style board on Pinterest, a little organization, and a few colorful accessories.

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your favorite color to add to a neutral work outfit?

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