This Night-Time Routine Will Help You Hit the Snooze Button One More Time

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What if your night-time routine meant you could get more sleep the next day? Would you hit the snooze button one more time? I know I would!

In fact, if you read my post about my morning routine, you know I love sleep more than Moose.

(Moose, if you’re reading, I’m sorry you had to hear it this way. Just remember, you’re still my ride or die.)

My night-time routine isn’t revolutionary -- but I do dream that one day I’ll be featured in a round-up called 10 Night-Time Routines of the Rich & the Famous.

I love my night-time routine. Why?

Because it reduces the stress and anxiety that sometimes interrupts my morning routine. Bonus side effect? I get more sleep in the morning. Sounds like a win-win to me.


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But I also LOVE my routine because it helps me to not forget something before I leave the house in the morning. For example, if I come home and don’t immediately wash my berries for breakfast, I’ll get busy and completely forget. And that means the berries won’t be dry by breakfast; mushy berries = breakfast ruined.

No one wants mushy morning berries!

raspberries for breakfast

So, while my night-time routine is a little on the boring side, 
it works. And aren't the most genius ideas the ones that make you say, "I shoulda thought of that?"

The breakdown of my night-time routine:

  • Wash my berries for breakfast
  • Eat a home-cooked dinner (take-out is for the weekends)
  • Watch the news and wash the dishes
  • Shower time
  • Stretch while watching a TV show
  • Brush my teeth -- mouthwash too!
  • Hit the bed
  • Watch Instagram stories until I fall asleep (my one bad habit)

How to Get More Sleep in the Morning

It’s a routine that works for me. But I also wanted to share some tips from the sleep experts and snooze aficionados. So, I did a little digging and picked the top four tips that take the least amount of effort but have the MOST impact on your alarm clock.

woman hiding under the covers and not wanting to get out of bed

Create Your Outfit & Make Your Lunch the Night Before

In the morning, you’re half-awake. And the part of your brain that’s functioning on caffeine is focused on your looming to-do list. Avoid walking out the door with mismatched shoes and a lunch sack of mushy, morning berries by getting ready the night before.

Leave nothing out -- assemble your shoes, jewelry, socks, and bra. Try installing a small hook on the back of your closet. You can hang up your outfit and check how it looks (check out this article about creating outfits for more tips).

Prepare your lunch before going to bed too. If you don’t want your sandwich or salad to get soggy overnight, buy these on-the-go, condiment squeeze bottles.

Choosing your outfit and making your lunch the night before is an easy way to reduce your stress in the morning.

Make a To-Do List Before Bed and Pick 3 Tasks for the Next Day

Ever wake up in the middle of the night in a layer of sweat, realizing you forgot a client meeting or project deadline? That shit is worse than night terrors.

Before you go to bed, take a moment to reflect on what you need to do the next day. Then rank three tasks you absolutely-have-to-no-excuses get done. You’ll side-step the morning scramble and prep your mind for slashing achievable goals like a boss. Plus, former President Barack Obama did it, so you know it works.

Read for 6 Minutes in Bed to Learn Something New and Reduce Your Stress

Did you know your subconscious processes new information while you sleep? Many great minds used nap times as a way to boost creativity and innovation.

Not to mention, research says reading before bed can reduce stress by 68%. So, try combining the best of both those worlds. Keep a book (or a reading device without a blue light) on your nightstand, read for at least six minutes each night. As you sleep, your subconscious will process the information, and you may discover your next big idea before the sun comes up.

End Your Night on a Positive Thought

Journaling is a route to emotional, mental, and physical healing. When you write down an experience, you make it tangible and graspable. And when you do that, you free yourself from the negative emotions attached to that experience (which means better sleep).

But, journaling can also be a pain in the ass -- let’s be honest. So, instead of trying to write a complete story or diary entry every night, how about committing to one line per day? I love this One Line a Day journal. (I'm on my fifth year; almost time for a one.) It’s an easy way to track the ups and downs of your life without requiring much time, thought or commitment.

If you add all these little night-time routine steps up, it won’t take you more than 20-30 minutes each night. But, it could mean more quality sleep, a peaceful morning, and two more hits on that snooze button.

What’s one thing you do each night that helps you wind down from the day?

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