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Hey there!  We're Kate & Moose.  I'm so happy that you've found your way to my colorful corner of the internet.  Read more below to learn a little bit more about myself, the designer, and my amazingly cute shop dog, Moose.   

Kate, the designer, at Kate and Moose

5 Facts About Kate & Moose

no 1 - I'm a military brat. Having spent the majority of my life moving around, I quite love having lived in Virginia now for nearly a decade.  I do have the itch to move, but I'm learning how to exercise another muscle; the one of contentment and learning to be still.

no 2 - We both love to skydive! Just kidding, just Kate, but Moose doesn't mind heights. We've hiked many a mountain when we used to live in Colorado.  There are no mountains here in Virginia, but we do get out and explore the trails. 

no 3 - Moose and I are complete opposites. I love the city life (and LOVE NYC), but Moose loves his leisurely walks in the burbs and climbing rocks.

no 4 - My favorite color is all the colors!  My closet is filled with every color in the rainbow.  My motto is the brighter the better.  Chartreuse, flamingo pink, turquoise; if there's ever a choice between black/white or a color, the color will always win. 

no 5 - Moose's DNA test came back as a malti-poo affenspincher. Yet everyone that meets him asks if he's a terrier. So odd.  But hey, cute doesn't come back on a DNA test.  I think I'll keep him!

Moose, the shop dog at Kate and Moose

So, who is Moose? He's only the best assistant/shop dog in the whole wide world. And yeah, I'm pretty biased!  Moose is my forever puppy and my reason to rise in the morning - partly because he's always licking my face to say get movin'.

Moose is the Chief Decision Maker. When I get stuck and can't make a decision, Moose always has the answer.

Moose, is it a chardonnay or merlot kind of night? Should we go running or practice yoga? Yes, life changing decisions!

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