Best of Renegade Craft Fair Seattle - My Favorite 9 Makers & Their Goods

Lazy summer either spend them poolside catching a few rays, or with your toes in the sand and a Corona in your hand, or your out and about discovering a place you've never been before.  

If you're out exploring, you're a lot like me.  I love discovering small towns, popping into a town's general store, and enjoying food I can't find at home.  I must try ice cream in every town I stop in.  If your town has a creamery, I must know about it.  Leave me a comment with the location so I can visit!

Besides visiting a local creamery, I love shopping at a local craft fair.  Shopping from small businesses and getting a chance to meet the makers is so much fun for me.  And with summer being a typically slow season for me, I spend that time crossing people off my Christmas shopping list.  I know what you’re thinking, Christmas shopping in July?!  Technically, as of July 28, there's only 149 days until Christmas Day.  Better get that list started! 

Having just returned from selling at Renegade Craft Fair Seattle, I’m sharing a list of my favorite makers and my favorite products from each.  I hope the list helps you cross someone off your Christmas gifting list.       

Kate and Moose's Favorite 9 Makers & Their Goods from Renegade Craft Fair Seattle


Mustard & Co

Mustard & Co Five Flavor Gift Set

5 Flavor Gift Set

 Bryan and Justin of Mustard & Co were my booth neighbors at Renegade.  I was intrigued by their variety of flavors but most especially their heirloom blueberry mustard and sweet beet mustard.  Due to my luggage situation aka bags busting at the seams, I purchased the 5 flavor set online for my mustard loving other half.  I'm pretty sure the garlic dill mustard will be the first finished and that the smoky bbq will end up in a pork shoulder rub. 

Lovebird Paper Co

lovebird paper co thirsty as fuck tumbler and healthy shit and alcohol tote

Thirsty as Fuck Tumbler and Healthy Shit & Alcohol Tote

The match makers at Renegade Craft Fair did a spectacular job of matching Kathryn of Lovebird Paper Co with me (officially a Katherine).  Lovebird Paper Co and I shared a booth and more than a couple of laughs!  Her sassy and colorfully designed products caused more than a few giggles from visitors.  It was not uncommon to hear snickers or giggles or all out belly laughs are people read through her cards.  But because I love a good four letter word, my favorite products are the thirsty as fuck tumbler and healthy shit and alcohol tote.     

Not Without Salt

Not Without Salt Salty Sprinkles

Salty Sprinkles

Any one else have a sweet tooth?  I love finding unique products that don't currently line the shelves of my local grocer and Ashley's booth at Renegade had me hooked.  My favorite item were these salty sprinkles and they will most definitely be on top of my next batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

Moondog Design Studio

Moondog Design Studio Purple Ombré Dog Leash

Purple Ombré Rope Dog Leash 

A dog leash in Kate's favorite color, purple.  Moose would have chosen teal to match his harness.  Inspired by age-old nautical techniques, each leash is individually spliced and whipped by hand to withstand the same strain as uncut rope, and then dip-dyed to create a beautiful ombré effect.  Click on the purple leash to see all of the other colors offered at Moondog Design Studio.

 Bow Shoe Shoe

Bow Shoe Shoe Reversible Dots and Vinyl Bowtie

Reversible Dots & Vinyl Bow Tie

 Edward is the most dapper man I have met in ages.  His booth was across from Lovebird Paper Co and I and he always had a huge smile on his face.  Bow Shoe Shoe is based in New Orleans with all ties being handcrafted in communities throughout Lesotho, Africa's Mountain Kingdom.  If you have a color loving tie connoisseur in your life, you must check out Edward's shop, Bow Shoe Shoe.


Oliotto Ballard Tea Towel

Ballard Tea Towel

My college roommate lives in Ballard and has a fond affection for kitchen towels.  She never should have told me this factoid because I have an affection for buying towels and I see Christmas and birthday gifts for the rest of her life!  😜  Check out Oliotto other city designs by clicking the towel photo. 

Asher Market

Asher Market Mermaid Alpaca Blend Throw

Mermaid Alpaca Blend Throw

If my suitcase didn't weigh in at 48.9 pounds and my carry-on wasn't packed to bursting, this throw would have come home with me.  But since it didn't, it would make a great Christmas gift, hint hint.  

Hazy Dell Press

Haze Dell Press Gift Set of 3 Books; Monster ABC, Get Dressed Sasquatch, and Goodnight Krampus

Set of Three Hazy Dell Books
Monster ABC, Get Dressed Sasquatch, and Goodnight Krampus

Together, these three titles will bring record-breaking levels of fun and imagination to bookshelves across the world.  The board books are 7x6", 30 pages, full color, 40 pt matte-laminated paper board.


My final favorite from Renegade Craft Fair Seattle was Auragami.  The Renegade crew posted about Auragami on the Facebook event page and I was intrigued the moment I saw it.  I missed them on the first day, but made a point to arrive early on the second day to find where Auragami was so I could make sure I could have my aura read.  

I had a general understanding of what an aura is, but never put much thought into ever having my aura read or even knew you could have it captured on a camera.  Really, I had no idea!  Let me tell you, having my aura read was hands down the coolest experience of my trip to Seattle for Renegade Craft Fair.  When she said it could be a life altering experience, she was not kidding!

Kate's aura photo by Auragami

As you can see by the photo, my aura is orange, turquoise, and blue.  When she was telling me what the colors meant, I was flabbergasted.  Yes, I just said that.  I cried a bit as I walked back to my booth to pack up knowing that I was in fact true to myself.  

You can read more about what the colors mean here.

Did you attend Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle?  Who was your favorite vendor?  Let me know in the comments below.

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