My 8 Favorite Colorful and Cheerful Instagram Feeds to Follow

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If you've ever had time to kill waiting on a bus or train, you might have wasted more than a few of those minutes double tapping and scrolling through your Instagram feed. Today, I'm sharing 8 of my favorite Instagram accounts that can add more color to your feed. There's a mix of makers, fashionistas, and foodie accounts!

8 Colorful and Cheerful Instagram Feeds to Follow

1. @_jujujust_ - Judit is a colorful weaving and embroidery artist currently living in Asheville, NC but originally from Barcelona. The colors and textures of the various fabrics, threads, and beads she uses in her work constantly provide me with colorful inspiration. And leaves me in complete awe of how beautifully she combines colors.

2. @trustyourcloset - I've collaborated with Whitney twice, so I am biased in loving her feed. But I've also learned a lot from Whitney's ability to mix and match patterns or as she calls it #patternplay. I'm a color lover and I can walk down the street in a bright orange top and hot pink pants, but I've never been able to confidently wear a floral with a houndstooth print. Scrolling her feed always gives me a ideas to try that have forever changed my solid color life.

3 - @paigepoppe - Arizona artist, Paige, recently released two enamel pins inspired by her paintings. Inspired by where she lives, she often shares her watercolor prints of cacti and desert flowers. What does she do best I'm my opinion? Painting skateboard decks. Yup. I'd never be able use it for its intended purpose because I'd want to put it on my wall.

4 - @hol_fox - Grab a glass of milk and proceed to lick your screen. Holly makes cookies that put my baking to shame! Not that I ever stood a chance because I can't bake to save my life.  Some of my favorites include her gems, sea creatures, feathers, and milk and cookies.

5 - @colormecourtney - Courtney is a colorful NYC gal with an out-of-the-box sense of style and a slight color obsession!  Almost always in red lipstick, Courtney finds the most colorful murals all around NYC and looks amazing no matter how hot and humid it gets in NYC.

6 - @ettavee - Jessi showed up in my Instagram feed this Spring and I was instantly smitten. With a pop of gold, her use of vibrant colors in her artwork will brighten up your boring walls. She also created the hashtag #brightbrushstrokes. You'll have to check it out! So much COLOR! Jessi is based in Paris and often shares glimpses of one of my favorite cities in the world.

7 - @rclayton - If you love wall art, Rosie's feed is a must!  Her feed is eye candy at its finest!  Her structured wardrobe always looks stunning against the murals she finds across the US.  I'd love to be able to visit some of the colorful places she's been to. 

8 - @quietclementine -  Hana hand makes colorful ceramic jewelry and home decor items that reflects her love for vibrant color palettes and playful patterns. Her love of color is shown often in her unique color combinations on her ring dishes. You can find gorgeous ring dishes and ring cones as well as jewelry showcased in her feed.

What are your favorite colorful Instagram gals?  Share your favorites in the comments.


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  • Great collection! I followed everyone on the this list and am still in shock at the sheer aesomeness that is the cookie overload over at @hol_fox !

    tanya on

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