How to Staycation with Your Fur Baby

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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

It’s 4:45 in the morning and Moose is soundly asleep snuggled in between the pillows at the head of the bed. He sighs deeply. Out like a light, he barely flinches with my repeated alarm snoozing.  

Moving from my bed to my bathroom to wash away the sleep from my eyes, I begin my morning routine. Wash my face, brush my teeth, apply face lotion, grab my bottle of water from the fridge, move to the living room and start putting on my make up.

The very early morning news is on while I put on my make-up and make my coffee. With half an ear, I casually pay attention to whether it's going to be blazing hot or if it'll rain all day. 

Beep. Beep. Beep.

My 5:30 a.m. alarm goes off reminding me that if I haven’t already leashed up Moose, it’s time to do so because he needs to potty before I leave for work. 

Our 20-minute walk around the neighborhood is almost always peaceful. Moose says ‘hi’ to his regular early morning rising puppy friends while I exchange good morning smiles with my fellow early morning dog parents in between yawns and sips of coffee.

I can see it in their eyes; the early morning routine is old and we all need a break.

When I can no longer recognize a Monday from a Friday, I know it’s time to pause and recharge.  It’s time for a staycation. 

how to staycation with your fur baby - a picture of a dog snuggled under the covers of a duvet

Moose is my main man. Leaving him behind is not an option - even when I need to escape my routine. But where can you run away to AND bring your fur child?

Become A Tourist in Your Home Town

I think I know Arlington and Alexandria, VA pretty well - it's been nearly 10 years, but it's always a good idea to spend time researching where you want to staycation to confirm that it's a dog-friendly place. Just because you see dogs being walked around every time you visit, doesn't mean dogs are welcome everywhere.

Do you have a favorite hotel chain? Have you ever seen a dog during a previous stay? If you can't remember, Google it. Or easier, call the hotel. Save yourself the frustration of conflicting review sites.

My favorite dog-friendly boutique hotel chain is Kimpton Hotels. And my most escape - or staycation if you will - with Moose was to the Lorien Spa and Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.

Moose’s daddy and I have stayed at several Kimpton locations, but I had never seen many dogs, but during our staycation at the Lorien, it was dog central.  We pulled up during the free wine hour and several dog moms and dads were outside enjoying the happy hour with their fur children.

Moose on the bed at the Lorien Spa and Hotel in Alexandria Virginia

What's For Dinner 

It was really important to me that Moose and I spent time together which meant finding a place where I could eat and he could join me. Both Arlington and Alexandria, VA are pretty dog-friendly cities, but not all restaurants allow for dogs to sit with you on their patios. 

Moose has ADD and can't be too far away without losing his mind or causing a scene. Knowing this before we headed out for dinner made it much easier for us to pick a place because I asked the hostess if he could be near me while we ate. If the answer was no, we would have kept on looking.

I love pizza. It's borderline crazy, my love for pizza. RedRocks has a small patio out in front and since it was early in the evening, there wasn't too much foot traffic. It allowed for Moose to mostly sit and stare without causing a huge scene. He does like to dance for food which makes people laugh and of course, in turn, makes me laugh.

Moose and Kate enjoying dinner at Red Rocks Pizza and walking around downtown Alexandria Virginia

Dancing for his dinner rarely tires out Moose, so before we call it a night, we walk. A lot. Tiring Moose out means a good nights sleep. And since I don't set an alarm clock when I'm staycationing, tiring him out means we can sleep in.

Enjoy Your Stay

sunset from the balcony of the Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria Virginia

How do you break up your routine when you get in a rut?  Where's your favorite place to staycation?  Tell Moose and me about your favorite memory in the comments below.

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