How To Organize Your Life With A Simple Ceramic Dish

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My to-do list is a mile long.  New jewelry is piling up waiting to be photographed.  Quarterly sales tax is due.  And my mom has called three times and I haven’t called her back.  Stress sucks and when the pressure is on, you can usually find me cleaning or organizing a space in my house.  Because procrastination.  And organizing is my therapy; it settles the chaos in my mind.

Earrings, bobby pins, hair tie elastics, vitamins, binder and paper clips, loose change, spare keys, and every small object you have cluttering up your desk/end table/nightstand/bathroom sink.  Pick them all up and organize your space with the latest addition to the Kate & Moose store, modern ceramic dishes handmade in Wren, OR, by Land Bird Ceramics.

Ceramic Dishes by Land Bird Ceramics 

If you love to organize or if you wish you were more organized, these delightfully simple dishes will add a touch of class to any space in needs of organization.  Offered in two neutral colors, grey and white, and two pops of color, salmon pink and teal, these ceramic stacking dishes will help you organize your space.

Ceramic Dishes by Land Bird Ceramics 

How I Use the Ceramic Dishes

I was diagnosed with a co-infection of lyme disease called bartonella earlier this year.  And one of the joys (I say that sarcastically) of the diagnosis is all of the supplements I now take daily to detox my liver from the antibiotics.  Since I take antibiotics and supplements in the morning and another round of antibiotics and supplements in the evening, I use the ceramic dishes to hold my supplements.

Evening supplements have to be taken with food so I keep the dish on the end table in my living room so that I can’t miss them and easily remember to take them after finishing dinner.  I have much more to share on this subject, but will pause until I’m further along with treatment and healing.

Gray Ceramic Vitamin Dish  

Work commutes can blow, but those mornings when you make it to the office without sitting on a newspaper and no one spilling their coffee on you, it’s a great start to your day. 

You grab a Nespresso pod and meander to the machine all the while thinking, damn, this is gonna be a good day!  After the coffee brews, you walk back to your office and happen to catch your reflection in the conference room doorway.

What the hell?  Reality hits you like a ton of bricks.  Damn that snooze button!  You rushed to get yourself together; your make-up is flawless, your hair is frizz free, but now you’ll feel naked all day because you forgot to put on earrings.  I’ll admit, it happens to me more than I’d like to admit.

I use the white ceramic dish to lay out jewelry the night before so that I’m not getting to work only to realize I forgot earrings.  (Please say I’m not the only one that happens to.)

Kate and Moose Jewelry in a Land Bird Ceramic Dish

And when I’m too lazy to pick out jewelry the morning before (way more common than you’d think), I always have two pairs, a pair of black stud earrings and a white pair of stud earrings, sitting in a white Land Bird ceramic dish on my console next to my front door.  That way, no matter how many times I hit the snooze button, I’ll be able to grab a pair of stud earrings on my way out of the door.

Love the Land Bird ceramic dishes as much as I do?  Let me know in the comments below what your favorite color is and how you’d use the dish to organize your space.

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