How to Care and Store Kate & Moose Jewelry

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Kate & Moose jewelry is hand-crafted with precious metals, hand-tinted resin, and a variety of colorants.

You should remove the jewelry before swimming, showering and swimming as too much water will cause the resin to become hazy.  But feel free to sing in the rain and jump in puddles!

A Girl in the Rain

It's best not to expose Kate & Moose jewelry to chemicals or alcohol-based products such as perfume, hair spray, household cleaners or nail polish remover. Put your jewelry on after you finish styling your hair and makeup.

Never place your Kate & Moose jewelry in a dip cleaner. When polishing your jewelry, remember not to rub the colored resin as that can dull the glossy finish.

Where to Store Your Jewelry 
I highly recommend storing your Kate & Moose jewelry in a jewelry box, rolled up in a cloth bag, or any other closed container when not in use. I do not recommend storing your jewelry in a bathroom. Avoiding sunshine and high temperatures is also important. Treat your jewelry with care and it should stay colorful and shiny!

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