Eight Colorful Instagram Accounts to Spark Joy

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Admit it.  Instagram > Facebook.

I'll be the first to admit that I spend too much time on the gram. Mindless scrolling while I wait for my bus and train, watching stories instead of sleeping, and planning posts for Kate & Moose all the time.

And given all that time scrolling my feed and watching stories, I've definitely come across a post or two that made my roll my eyes.  And I'm no different than you.  I've absolutely compared myself to accounts I follow and thought less than fantastic things about myself.  

If you follow accounts on Instagram that make you roll your eyes or groan out loud or worse, make you feel like crap, I am granting you permission to unfollow. 

It's time to Marie Kondo your Instagram Feed

Bring on the warm and fuzzy Instagram accounts.  The travel accounts that transport you to places unknown.  And the colorful accounts that give you whole body smiles. 

If an account doesn’t make you smile, double you over in laughter, or make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, unfollow.  Right now.  Go. 

Eight Colorful Instagram Accounts to Spark Joy

Featuring two painters heavily influenced by color, one maximalist and one minimalist, both use colors in ways that bring joy to the walls of your home.  Had the itch to add more color to home by reupholstering inherited furniture or a vintage find?  Jenna can help with that. 

Have space in your bookshelf for small knick-knacks?  Add a fiber rainbow or a ceramic vase.  What about a window that gets good light?  A minimalist stained glass piece will case color throughout.  Want a new hobby?  How about watercolors that are handmade from some of the same powders I use to create jewelry.  Read on to discover these eight colorful Instagram accounts that can spark joy in your feed.


Eight Colorful Instagram Accounts That Spark Joy


Sarah Coey Art

1. @sarahcoeyart - Rainbows and Scotland probably don't sound like they'd pair well together, but Sarah Coey lives in the land of castles and paints happiness and joy.  Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Scottish landscape, the combination of wild and tempestuous weather against the fragile delicacy of wildflowers, her abstracts are full of wonderment and curious possibilities.  But truthfully?  Mostly they evoke happiness and joy.


Jenna Pilant on Instagram

2. @jennapilant - Jenna personifies the term color lover.  She lives and breathes color which you quickly see in how she dresses and in her home design and renovation projects. An upholsterer and home renovator, I fell in love with how cleverly Jenna uses color in big and small ways.  Her YouTube show, Room Bloom, features many of her renovation projects as well as one-off episodes sharing how to decorate with color and how to install accent wallpaper.   

Mandi Smooth Hills on Instagram

3. @mandismoothhills - A gallery wall is not complete until you add texture amongst all the frames.  Enter Mandi and her rainbow fiber sculptures.  Her appreciation for whimsy and color easily translates into happy smiles.  And for those that don't love loud colors, Mandi offers sculptures in a variety of color palettes including pastels and some monochromatic pieces.  She handmakes each piece which also includes mobiles and keychains. 

Kate's Favorite MandiSmethells Piece - Vibrant Rainbow Art Wall Hanging

Case For Making on Instagram 

4. @caseformaking - Case for Making is a storefront offering handmade watercolors and a line of letterpress watercolor paper goods all made in-house, presented alongside a curated selection of their favorite creative supplies.  Check out our workshops, which have been designed to encourage process-focused exploration. Our practice is to recognize the presence of creative inquiry in multiple forms, and to provide space for engaging in and valuing this work.

Kate's Favorite Case for Making Color - Fluorescent Violet

Ann Marie Coolick

5. @annmariecoolick - Ann Marie Coolick is an impasto painter from Arlington, VA focusing on colorful abstractions and expressionist landscapes using only palette knives and heavy body paint straight from the tube.  She slathers frosting-like paint layer upon layer onto a canvas with paint running off the edges, resulting in a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance.  Her "Polka Daubs" series explores the deconstruction of color and texture into their simplest form. 

Kate's Favorite Ann Marie Collick Piece - Polka Daub Barnacles


Ren Vois on Instagram

6. @renvois - Handmade porcelain ceramics for table and home in soft muted colors.  Not too different from how colors are created here at Kate & Moose, Tina creates her signature colors by adding pigments into the porcelain rather than by glaze.  Her work features pieces such as vases, plates, and pasta bowls.  Based in Los Angeles, you can find her pieces online as well as shows such as West Coast Craft.   

Kate's Favorite Ren Vois Piece - Ring Holder


Caroline South on Instagram 

7. @caroline_southEvery time Caroline pops up in my feed, this sense of deep relaxation comes over me.  Her skills in creating an ombre from the objects she collects to create her deliberate, perhaps even meticulous, art.  She primarily creates with natural and found items such as plastic, pottery and sea glass from the beach where she lives in West Sussex, England.  Caroline's art really fits my Type A, everything has a place and purpose aesthetic.


Debbie Bean on Instagram

8. @debbie.bean - Clean lines.  Vibrant colors.  Minimalist aesthetic.  Debbie Bean is a Los Angeles based stain glass artist.  She creates large scale installations and handcrafted every day objects to transform your space into a meditation on color and geometry.  Make a statement with a rainbow panel or double the color with a suncatcher.  Debbie and her husband, dog, and three lazy cats enjoy spending their evenings listening to the neighborhood peacocks from their front porch. 

Kate's Favorite Debbie Bean Piece - Large Triangle Rainbow

BONUS Accounts

@cookiedonyc - World’s first gourmet edible & bakeable cookie dough

@heyamberrae - Amber Rae is an author, artist and global voice for emotional wellness and personal growth.

@positivelypresent - PositivelyPresent is dedicated to helping people around the world learn to embrace positivity, awareness, + self-love.

What Instagram accounts do you follow that spark joy?  Share with me in the comments. 

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