Get Color Inspired: How Our Hand-Crafted Jewelry is Made

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Do you watch Shark Tank? It’s one of my favorite shows to binge watch after a long day at work.  Besides all the “why didn’t I think of that?” moments, I feel inspired when other entrepreneurs tell their stories, share their successes, or embrace failure with class (not sass).

Well, some of them are sassy.

But, the one question I often have is “how did they make it?” When was the moment of inspiration? And how do you fit an entire cupcake into a jar?

While I might never know (or probably would if I Googled it), I realized it was time to share my creative process. You can read about the inspiration for Kate and Moose here.

So, let’s get color inspired and dive into how I make my hand-crafted, small batch jewelry.


Crazy for Color - How It's Made


First, I find color inspiration

Even though it’s November, I work ahead when it comes to color inspiration. So, this week I’m exploring 2018 spring and summer shades.

I check out Pantone’s® seasonal color report to see what’s hitting the runways in New York, Paris, and London. But, since I don’t let trends box me in, I also flip through all the glossy magazines I can get my hands on at Barnes & Noble.

However, my best color research happens when I’m outside and seeing color in its natural habitat. For example, my favorite source of inspiration is art murals. And, thankfully, we have no shortage of them in Washington D.C.

Below, is one of my favorite murals. It inspired 2017’s Spring and Summer colors. You can still find a few of those pieces here.


art wall in Crystal City, VA

 * a portion of a mural23 in Crystal City by Juan Pineda (@criomatic_designs)


Then, I mix the colors and add it to resin

Once my creative juices are flowing, it’s time to make the color.

With my favorite playlist streaming in the background and natural light coming in through the window, my inner color ninja gets to work.

I start with mixing, blending, and mixing some more until I develop a jaw-dropping color. Drop-dead-gorgeous and Can’t-Even colors are also acceptable.

You can see in the images below how I create the shade and add it to the resin. 


how's it made - blue
* sky blue

how it's made - spring colors

* how it's made - spring colors

how it's made - purple

* raspberry sorbet

how it's made - fall colors

* how it's made - fall colors

how it's made - pink

* lavender

And wait for it to cure

While I wait for the resin to cure, I open up a bottle of Chardonnay or take Moose for a walk. Occasionally, I’ll indulge my other half and watch his favorite show, How It’s Made. I admit...I do enjoy the one or two episodes where they talk about different food groups (sprinkles are a food group, right?).


how Kate and Moose is made

* photos in collage by Laura Quintero Photography

Finally, I craft the piece of jewelry

Once the resin has cured, I’ll smooth the edges and craft a piece of jewelry depending on which inventory needs restocking. Sometimes, it’s stud earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace.

You get original, colorful jewelry at your doorstep

Of course, the best part is when it lands on your doorstep!  One thing I’m most proud of when it comes to my jewelry is that I only make orders in small batches.  You never have to worry if a colleague, best friend, or mortal enemy is wearing the same pair of dangle earrings as you.

So, that’s your behind-the-scenes peek at how I make Kate & Moose jewelry.  I hope the process has got you color inspired and excited about adding pops of happiness into your wardrobe!

Tell me, what’s your favorite color?

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