The 7 Best Dog Instagram Feeds You’d be Barking Mad Not to Follow

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I refuse to believe that cats will fully take over the internet.

I mean, I get it. They’re cute and hilariously evil. But dogs can offer us so much more than devious antics and shade!

They can brighten our day with their floppy ears, wagging tails, and adorable head tilts. Plus, they take our mind off of work or stressful things, like getting ready for work, by entertaining us their tiny outfits.  

So, in my effort to make sure dogs reign forever on the interwebs, I’ve compiled the 7 best Dog Instagram Feeds you need to follow ASAP. Seriously, your psyche and blood pressure will thank me.

Seven Best Dog Instagram Feeds You'd Be Barking Mad Not to Follow

Best Dog Instagram Feeds to Follow

@harlowandsage - Just a couple of dog friends, Harlow and Sage chronicles the adorableness of one Weimaraner and two Miniature Dachshunds. Not only are the trio 100% photogenic (no, I’m not jealous, you’re jealous), the hooman behind the camera has an impressive eye for photography, which makes scrolling even more addicting. It looks like you can reeeeaaaaccch into your phone and pet the good doggos all day long.  

@vincenzopepito - A wise Frenchie once told me, “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of paws.” Honestly, this inspirational feed is better than my therapist (and way less expensive too). From cute head tilts and long far off looks to dog hoodies and bow ties, this feed will make you say ahhhh so many times, the person in the bathroom stall next to you will think your poop must be adorable.

@punnypooches - Scout is a Westie and Waffles is a Yorkie. Together, they have tons of puns  No, seriously, this feed is all about the jokes and witty one-liners, so if you’re having a ruff day at work, follow the Punny Pooches for a laugh. It may seem a bit far-fetched that two puppers would be this cute & hilarious, but you’d be barking mad not to follow. Okay, I’ll stop now...

@frankie.the.sausage - A self-proclaimed professional undies thief, Frankie is a Mini Dachshund who loves the color pink. If you enjoy showering your pooch with pretty things, stylish outfits, and delicacies, you’ll love her Instagram stories. In fact, I’ve found some pretty cool, all natural products for myself just by keeping an eye on Frankie.

@lifewithleroy - This one is probably my favorite feed because it features Leroy, a scruffy mutt who kinda looks like Moose. Leroy keeps it real and even lets his family (Mom, Dad, Toy Aussie brother, and human brother) take the limelight every once in a while. While he lives in Portland, Leroy loves to travel and partners with brands who advocate for animals.

@gusgusinthecity - A French Bulldog who was born to model and cuddle, Gus Gus is definitely cooler than me. And his smizing is on point. I started following his feed because, well he’s a cute doggo and why wouldn’t I? But, now I love getting outfit inspo for Moose -- hipster glasses, Hawaiian shirts, who knew there could be so many possibilities for dogs?!

@cozmosadventures - Another rescue mutt for the win, Cozmo loves food, coffee, and summertime. So, yeah, while I’m freezing in Washington D.C., his pictures of sunshine and California beaches warms my soul. The feed is also bright and colorful, which is kinda my thing. And I love checking out which places Cozmo loves so I can plan the perfect vacation to Cali….one day.

Bonus account to follow: @arnedoodle - Arne was a London pup, but now he’s living it up in L.A. Part Shih Tzu, part Bichon, he’s partially the reason I stay up too late at night. His feed may be full of more vibrant hues than mine, and he definitely gets invited to way more fun parties.

Did I miss one? Of course, I did! There’s so many! What’s your favorite dog Instagram Feed?

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