Artist Spotlight: Alexis from Delta Girl Frames

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Can we talk for a minute about unexpected life-changing moments? Back in 2014, I made the decision to attend my first conference for creative entrepreneurs called Making Things Happen Intensive in Chapel Hill, NC.

One of the cool parts of Making Things Happen Intensive is the Facebook group they set up before for all attendee's to meet and mingle. And that's where my future changed. Enter Alexis, a gal that was also attending MTH who just so happened to live close to me AND who volunteered a seat in her car to anyone that might want to road trip to Chapel Hill.

Kismet? Yep, I'd say so. I don't think I've laughed so much in the span of a car ride in my entire life. What started as a chance encounter in a Facebook group, has blossomed into such an amazing friendship. Four years of laughter, annual New Years' brunches, and countless text messages, this dear friend of mine is sharing about her gorgeous handmade frame business and little nuggets of wisdom.

Artist Spotlight: Alexis from Delta Girl Frames

Artist Spotlight: Alexis from Delta Girl Frames

How did you get your start with Delta Girl Frames?
Different than most business owners, my start with Delta Girls was actually as a customer! I fell in love with the frames after getting pregnant with our first child and KNEW they were the perfect statement for our little girl’s nursery.

The design process was so much fun, and the end result even better - they were THE statement piece that we still use in our kids (now we have two girls, and 1 boy) rooms - and really cherish. I was a long time delta girl groupie and after an especially inspiring women’s retreat ended up reaching out to our founder and joined the DGF team.

Now owner, I know just how special our products are, the love and hard work that go into them, and just how BIG an impact they make in our client’s homes.

table top delta girl frames

What drew you to making frames?
You know, it’s the perfect combination of all of my loves - interior design (EVERYTHING), color, pattern, and the artistic mix of both. How we mix solids or washes with our bold patterns to make a perfectly unique combination for every home - and each customer’s design aesthetic.

Alexis of Delta Girl Frames painting a frame

The wood part is actually adapted from my husband - who has been a long time woodworker and magician bringing to life all of my projects and thoughts into pieces we really treasure. So making the frames and then designing and painting them is the perfect combination of both of our loves.

What words would you use to describe your work?
HARD, REWARDING, CUSTOM. There’s no doubt about it - the physical aspect of making the frames and painting them is quite a labor of love.

But getting to work with clients (especially with our custom consultations) and all of our amazing repeat clients as we create these amazing spaces for their homes is BEYOND rewarding. And creating new combinations, colors, and patterns for a customer’s specific vibe and space - that’s the really fun part!

stacks of three frames by Delta Girl Frames

What inspires your work the most?
REALLY good design — I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for inspiration. Whether that be an amazing swatch of fabric, a new paint color, a fun new pattern combination - or any mix of the three - design and inspiration really fuel me.

Beside that, we LOVE connecting with our customers — with our custom consultations we really get a chance to know our customers, their style, and exactly what they’re looking for in their home. Our frames go beyond the quick/cheap grab and goes from big box stores.
Our customers appreciate the craftsmanship and design that go into each of our pieces — and are looking for something different to really set their homes apart.  Getting to see the ‘after’ shots of some of their amazing spaces, and hearing how they are USING and LOVING their new collections really make the job so worth it!

gallery wall with delta girl frames and letter folk

If you could travel anywhere for inspiration, where would you go and why?

Ummm, Paris (wellll, or maybe Santorini). I’m a long time francophile — and Parisian junkie. I love all things French, the food, the shopping, the views, and the culture. Always so inspiring for me. And Santorini — ohhh the colors. Talk about major color inspiration. I’ve been once, and was in deep/rich blue heaven. 

I'm jumping in Alexis's suitcase when she visits Santorini.  Just saying.  Your bag will be over that 50 lb limit.

What small businesses inspire you and why?
Can I say Kate & Moose? 😉 Having met Kate at that very same inspiring women’s conference - I’ve watched her grow and bloom - and build her business stud by stud (literally) and am always inspired to see what she’s up to.

I'm also loving Take Care - a natural skincare shop in DC that I’m geeking out for lately - their Instagram feed is so amazing, and their products (and owner, Becky Waddell) even sweeter. I LOVE supporting other small businesses that have the same passion and heart as we do to bring quality products to their customers.

What color describes you as a person and why?
You know, this question always makes me laugh. My favorite color is gray — and not for the reasons you’d think. Most color profiles would tell you that gray would somehow mean I’m quiet and introverted… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Nope.

I’m a pretty out spoken extrovert (can you tell), but also know the elegance and class that come with a tasteful neutral. I also really believe that color doesn’t have to SCREAM VIBRANT to make a huge impact.

adventure print in gray and gold Delta Girl Frame

What brings you joy?
My family. I’m a mom of three (two girls and one boy) - and they push me further beyond myself than I thought I could ever stretch. While most days I feel lucky to just SURVIVE our chaos while trying to make this big handmade dream happen, I also feel incredibly blessed to have a family and a life so far beyond what I thought was possible. God is good. Period. 

Alexis from Delta Girl Frames and her kids

What’s your favorite quote and who said it?
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. - J.R.R. Tolkien

What’s one thing you would eat, if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?
Ummm, only ONE thing? AGH panic. Cheese-crackers-and wine (since they all go together - can't we just say that’s one thing? ;)

Yes we can girl, yes we can. 🍷

I hope you loved meeting Alexis and learning more about Delta Girl Frames!  

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Stay in touch with Alexis and Delta Girl Frames here:
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