37 Things You Never Knew About Kate and Moose

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It's APRIL! Happy birthday to me! In honor of turning 37, I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts you never knew about me and my super cute dog, Moose. 

Or in other words, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Kate and Moose. Have I piqued your curiosity?

37 Things You Never Knew About Kate and Moose

Watch out internet - a fascinating story is about to unfold.

First things first. My name is Kate. And I have a dog named Moose. That’s how I named my business.

The End. Sort of. 😜

Moose has been in my life for almost 10.5 years. Can you believe this cute face just turned 11?  I never really knew happiness until he crawled into my life.

photos of moose, the shop dog at Kate and Moose

Color also makes me happy. And, sometimes, when I know I’m going to have a tough day at work, I’ll wear a bright color that’s guaranteed to make me happy

One day, I decided to combine the two things that bring me joy -- my dog and color. Kate and Moose was born!  

That’s Fact #1. Here are some more fun facts about Kate and Moose.


2. If we've ever met at a craft show, you likely know this, but my favorite color is orange. In fact, the original Kate & Moose logo was in orange. And then I realized that the vast majority of people (and women specifically) hate the color orange. Who knew?! Apparently everyone but me. 

original Kate and Moose logo


3. I LOVE pizza. It's been a Friday night tradition for as long as I can remember. My favorite is wood-fired pizza - I love the taste and crunch of a thin crust that's slightly fire burnt. 

4. Speaking of pizza, I think I became obsessed back in elementary school with Pizza Hut and Book-It. The more you read, the more pizza you earn?! Do you remember that program? 

5. I'm a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan with my favorite player being #50, David Robinson.

6. Back in middle school, I used to attend sports card trading events and bought as many David Robinson trading cards that I could. Such a nerd!

7. In high school, I was a drama geek. But being the generally shy person that I am, I was a techie. And, in charge of makeup no less. Yeah, ask me how much makeup I wear today. #notmuch #sleepwins

8. I LOVE musical theatre! Every visit to NYC involves at least one theatre show.

9. My favorite thing to cook is mac-and-cheese. Growing up, we used to have mac-and-cheese Monday's to help my brother and I learn the days of the week. I'm pretty sure my parents would have stopped making it by the time we were teenagers, but I feel confident that one of us (me) said something like, "NOOOOOOOO!"

10. My other favorite meal (besides pizza and mac-and-cheese) is anything my Dad cooks, especially crab meat spaghetti!

11. My favorite show to watch is too many to name! But here's a few: NCIS, NCIS LA, Vanderpump Rules, Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy, Code Black.

12. I loved school! If I could get paid to attend college classes all day, that's what I'd do. I love learning new things.

13. Did you know that eggs are essential to making brownies? Ask my college roommates how I learned this…

14. My favorite movies are Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow and Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner.

15. I always think what would have happened if I quit college after the first year and stayed in Germany. Would my life be different if I took that job offer? I guess we’ll never know, Gwyneth. I guess we’ll never know...

16. I once woke up in the middle of the night because I heard Moose having a conversation with me. Nope. No drinking or smoking involved --- but, it was the most real thing I had ever heard. 

17. I’m a city girl. I love sitting in cafes, eavesdropping, looking at what people wear, researching where to eat, the eating, and attending events that don’t happen in my town. 

18. My favorite outfit is my worn in Old Navy jeans and a super soft cotton t-shirt.

19. My first real adult purchase was my car, a 2004 Ford Escape. She's still kicking!

20. A few years ago, I decided to go to New York City for my birthday. The icing on the cake was waking up cray-cray early to watch Coldplay on the Today Show (best.day.EVER) in the freezing rain. 

21. Every night before I fall asleep, I listen to Coldplay’s God Put a Smile on My Face.

22. I love to travel and particularly enjoy going places on my own. One of my very first solo trips was to Moab, UT. And yeah, that's me in a skirt and Teva's at Delicate Arch. I literally drove in and walked up here so that I didn't chicken out after setting up camp. I don't recommend this attire, but I was young. 🙄

Kate in Arches National Park

23. I like to save as many decisions for when I get to work so I always wear black pants to work. My only outfit choice involves 
picking a top or sweater. 

24. I’ve skydived twice! Once over Estes Park in Colorado and the second time was in the middle of nowhere Virginia. 

25. Favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip.

26. My favorite birthday celebration was back in 2017, when I rode Amtrak from DC to CA. How about that for solo travel? Ever wanted to do something similar? My recommendation is to find the bathroom no one uses because after 4 days, no one smells amazing.

27. My favorite quote:

Kate's favorite quote: The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it's all that matters. Audrey Hepburn


1. He has a sixth sense for knowing when his Barkbox has arrived in the mail.

2. He loves all food -- except lettuce.

3. He knows his way around the neighborhood. When we walk, I’ll ask him if he wants to go home. He’ll stop, sniff, and then figure out how to lead us back home no matter how far away we’ve walked.

4. As a puppy, he hated car rides. Now, he can’t wait to go on short adventures! He still doesn’t care for really long drives, though.

5. He has a love/hate relationship with water. He hates streams, rivers, oceans, pools but, if I ask him if he wants a bath, he’ll run to the bathroom and jump in the tub!

6. He has a few tricks up his (fur) sleeves.  He knows how to roll over and he gives a great high 10.  He used to be able to do high 5, but he's so overly enthusiastic for treats, he jumped to high 10 and has never turned back.

7. He hates windshield wipers. Every time I turn them on, he runs to jump on the dashboard and bark at them. It was funny the first time. 🙄

8. After years of trying, he still can’t catch his tail.

9. Who needs an alarm clock with Moose around? And sleeping in on a weekend? Never. If a critter lands on the windowsill, we're up because Moose heard the critter. He’s also fiercely protective of our yard. No bird or squirrel or falling leaf stands a chance if Moose is on duty.

10. If Kate's favorite color is orange, what is Moose's favorite color? Obviously, it's all of them (because he’s color blind, of course). Fun fact, I actually didn't know dogs were color blind. 

    Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! What’s one thing I don’t know about you?

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