10 Back to School Supplies That Add Color to Your Cubicle Space

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It's back to school season! And that means supply shopping and the inevitable store hopping in search of the elusive two pocket folders with brads. Seriously, two pockets - check - folders with brands - check, but the combination together can feel like mission impossible.

But why should kids have all the fun? You may not be in school anymore, but if you work at a desk or have a writing nook at home, consider back to school shopping for your space. Organization is always in season and new accessories can reset your new year's resolution.

10 Back to School Supplies That Add Color to Your Cubicle

1. Ampersand pushpins to help line up your favorite summer pics. 
2. Pencils that will make the person who swipes it from your desk giggle.
3. Having multiple rulers is important. Whenever you want one, it's always hiding.
4. I still receive statements in the mail. Keeping them organized in pretty folders helps. 
5. Same as the rulers, the scissors are always hiding. Have three or four pairs helps when one goes missing.
6. Cute and customizable notebooks that easily fit in your purse; jot down all those ideas while on the go.
7. Envelopes don't seal themselves! 
8. File your receipts in a cute folio and save your taxman brain cells.
9. List makers gotta list!
10. Easily store your pens and pencils or carry your make-up essentials to and from the gym in this cute pouch.

Back to school shopping can be fun for adults, too! Whether your desk space is in a home office or as a cubicle dweller, your space should make you happy. Make the places you spend the most time happy places by adding in little pops of color. Adding color to your space can make the day more enjoyable. And Monday mornings always need more happy!  What was your favorite back to school supply? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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